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Certificate Programs

Arkana certificate programs are designed, created, and planned according to the ministry of education’s regulations. 

What do students learn in certificate programs?

Certificate programs are based on the Ontario curriculum for secondary school education. English courses are part of all certificate programs. Depending on the program, core courses are scheduled. Students will also have optional courses in order to explore beyond their imagination.

Business Immigration Pathway

This program is most recommended to businesses and individuals qualified to start a new business or open a branch of an existing business in Canada.

Business Presentation

About Business Immigration Pathway Program

In the Business Immigration Pathway – Start a Business and Invest in Business Certificate Program, you will learn and apply what you really want to turn into a fruitful business owner or investor in Canada. Once you complete this program, you will foster a suitable business thought/plan that you can use to start a business and construct your own future in the Canadian financial scene as a sole owner, agreeable, entrepreneur, pioneer and supervisor, utilizing or including others as your business develops and scales. Chasing after a startup doesn’t need to be the ultimate objective when you graduate, you can carry your inventive reasoning and activity to your boss, as an ambitious innovator.
During the program, you will utilize contextual analyses and recreations to uplift your experiential learning. You will foster your insightful abilities, interest and receptiveness to risk — which are all attributes innate to development. You will likewise acquire a comprehension of what business choices mean for society and the climate and why supportability in business matters.
The program will follow a mentorship-based model, permitting you to foster your expert organization. This remembers working with guides for a week after week premise, and admittance to accomplices across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Skills and Abilities

All through this program you will foster the accompanying abilities:

  • Business Management and Leadership

  • Career and Business Planning

  • Personal Finance and Money Management 

  • English As a Second Language

  • Immigration and Law

  • Group, Semi-group and Private Consultation

      • Start a New Business

      • Buy/Invest in an Existing Business



All courses are offered by Arkana Education Adult School. Programs and courses may vary depending on the applicant and the purpose of study. However, core courses such as English are part of ALL programs. Courses offered in this program are:

  • English As a Second Language:

      • Level 1: ESLA

      • Level 2: ESLB

      • Level 3: ESLC

      • Level 4: ESLD

      • Level 5: ESLE

  • English Courses:

      • English Literacy Course

      • English, Literacy, Communication, and Critical and
        Creative Thinking

  • Business Courses:

      • Introduction to Business

      • Information and Communication Technology in Business

      • Marketing: Goods, Services, Events

      • Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

      • Business Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age

  • Finance

      • Personal Finance and Money Management

      • Financial Literacy and Investments


All courses are offered during the program. Applicants will be participating in the on-campus education and will also be required to complete part of this program online. All applicants will recieve an education number registered by school.

Education Models and Tuition Fees Structure

You, as a student in Arkana, have the flexibility to choose how you want to study and achieve your certificate. You can study on your own time, according to your daily life schedule. or you can sign up for extra support from teachers in Canada. The following models of education are available for all courses, and every student. 

  • Self-study Classes: Classes will be conducted offline. Students have a flexible schedule, and instructors are available for online support. The tuition fee for each self-study course is $650 CAD.

  • Blended Classes: Classes will be a mix of offline and online classes. Partially flexible schedules are available for students. Instructors’ support is available online. The tuition fee for each blended class is $900 CAD.

  • Virtual Live Classes: Classes will be fully online. The schedule is provided to students by Arkana. Instructors are available for video call support. The tuition fee for each virtual live class is $1,200 CAD

One-time registration fee of $1,560 CAD includes the fees and cost of application, documents preparation, Ontario registration number, evaluation and placements, and certification.

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