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Our company is dedicated to helping clients who dream of studying abroad and crafting a customized vacation plan that suits their unique needs. With our comprehensive approach, we can manage every facet of your travel plan, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming journey. Utilizing a Power of Attorney approach, we are equipped to carry out all necessary procedures on your behalf.

It's important to note that while we handle numerous logistical aspects for you, we are not lawyers. Our role is to facilitate your educational and vacation planning processes, while ensuring the necessary steps are taken with respect to your travel arrangements. Let us make your dream of studying and vacationing abroad a stress-free reality.

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  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • Countries within the European Union

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa

  • Brazil

  • Argentina

  • Mexico

  • Caribbean Islands

  • Middle Eastern countries including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

  • North African countries such as Egypt and Morocco

  • South Pacific countries including Fiji and Tahiti

International Student Visa

Our company is not only your guide to the world's most incredible destinations, but also your key to unlocking opportunities in global education. We assist students in securing admission to esteemed universities and colleges across the globe. Our expertise spans every stage of the application process.

Tourist Visa

Our company is your comprehensive partner in planning both educational and leisurely travels. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive suite of services to ensure your journey abroad is smooth and worry-free. Our capabilities include:

International Health Services

In addition to assisting with education and travel plans, our company also serves as a bridge connecting international clients with a network of hospitals, providers, and healthcare services around the globe. Whether you require medical consultation, treatment, or are interested in wellness programs, we can facilitate your access to renowned healthcare institutions.

Work Visa


Our company goes beyond educational, travel, and healthcare services; we are also your gateway to global employment opportunities. Based on your employment experience and education, we assist you in finding suitable job opportunities and prepare employment contracts that align with your career goals.

Second Passport

In addition to our educational, travel, and healthcare matchmaking services, we provide assistance to clients seeking to acquire citizenship and second passports from countries that offer these opportunities. Leveraging our Power of Attorney approach, we are able to execute necessary actions on your behalf to streamline the process of obtaining a second passport.

Foreign Labor Application 

We will help any company that wishes to register for foreign labor employees. We can ensure protection of the company and employees as well as apply for the certificate with the U.S. government for hosting foreign employees. 

Itinerary Planning

No matter the type of trip you have in mind, we have the resources and expertise necessary to create the perfect trip. Make sure you book in advance. Our Itinerary Planning is one of our most popular services and appointments fill up fast.

Permanent Residence

We can help you become a permanent resident in countries that provide residency by investing or other legal methods. By using the Power of Attorney approach we can take the legal measures needed to make permanent residency a reality for you.

Tour Operators

Our company is a one-stop solution for all your international needs. Not only do we facilitate educational opportunities and global employment, but we also specialize in planning and executing a variety of tours, including tourist, commercial, and medical tours, across a wide array of countries.

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Since 2012, our group has been working closely with universities and higher education centers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We have a rich history of providing invitation letters to our customers, facilitating the acquisition of a range of visas including exhibition, sports, medical, and investment visas.

Today, our company extends far beyond education services. We offer an array of tourist services, featuring a variety of group and private tours across all countries, encompassing Europe, South and Central America, Australia, and Canada.

Our comprehensive services also include assistance with company and brand registration, trademark establishment, drafting justification plans, and setting up new branches. These services are designed to support your business growth as you expand internationally.

We are here to help you build a promising future for yourself, your family, and your business. Leveraging our Power of Attorney approach, we are equipped to take necessary actions on your behalf to streamline these processes.

However, while we manage these proceedings, it's important to note that we are not lawyers. Our expertise lies in coordinating your international endeavors, whether they are related to education, tourism, business, or otherwise. We focus on the details so you can concentrate on the excitement of your upcoming global adventure.

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Our team at USLaw Group LLC consists of highly experienced international property and residency visa professionals. We provide exceptional service and advice. Please note, despite our extensive experience and Power of Attorney approach, we are not lawyers. We specialize in managing your international needs, from education and tourism to business ventures.

10432 Balls Ford Road, Historic District, Suite 300
Manassas, VA 20109
United States

Main Office: 

Tel:    +1(703) 881-7870

Cell:  +1(571) 245 -2001


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