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We have gathered all the legal and immigration services for you in our collection. We have gathered a group of experts and professionals to get all the requests you have in one place. We believe our services will satisfy you.

The most experienced and well-established passport and visa company. Most of our clients use our services to secure the necessary documentation to travel destinations of their choice.

International Student Visa

We help students get admission to universities and colleges around the world. We will do everything for you, including helping you choose a major that fits you best, until you receive the visa.

Work Visa


We help you find a job and prepare employment contracts and work-based immigration services. We have unlimited access to a large number of employers looking for labor from abroad.

Tourist Visa

We assist you in obtaining tourist visas, issuance of invitations,hotel and tour services, insurance and flight tickets.

Any kind of invitation letter we can provide for any purpose.

Second Passport

We will assist you in obtaining citizenship and second passports from countries that provide this possibility. By buying a property, investing, athletics, inventions and through other means.







  • All Asian countries

Tour Operators

We plan and execute all tourist, commercial and medical tours in different countries. We provide our services to companies and travel agencies as well.

Permanent Residence

We help you get a residence card in all countries. We know all the methods and laws in different countries in this regard.



Our company includes a set of immigration services and a set of tourist services and a set of business and investment services.

For the first time in 2012, our group collaborated with universities and higher education centers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Exhibition visas - Sports visas - Medical visas - Investment and startup visas.

At present, our company offers a wide range of tourist and immigration services, including a variety of group and private tours in all countries, including European and South and Central America, as well as Australia and Canada.
We provide you complete services such as company registration - brand - trademarks - writing a justification plan and receiving legal permits to transfer capital or open a new branch, and on your behalf and with bilateral contracts in the country. We service all your immigration and business needs.

We help you build a good future for yourself and your family.

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